About Our Plastic Shelf Supports

Create-A-Shelf plastic shelf supports are designed and manufactured by Vanguard Shelving. Create-A-Shelf is Vanguard’s retail brand for our shelf support system. It features an attractive merchandising system with color-coded signage, aisle violators, do-it-yourself tear sheets and packaging. Marketing support for includes do-it-yourself instructions, installation guides and videos, and design ideas for your customers.

For more than 40 years, Vanguard Shelf Supports has been utilizing its expertise in injection molding, to design, engineer and produce quality products.
Well known throughout North America, our patented designs extend to markets including China, Australia and New Zealand.

Visit www.vanguardshelfsupports.com or call 1-877-881-7875 ext 4483 to learn more about Vanguard Shelf Supports.