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Introducing Vanguard’s Prewrapped solid wood
Closet Rod. #641c

This product, designed and engineered by Vanguard, is a unique 1 5/16”x96” hemlock wood dowel with an extruded seamless plastic cover. Features a strong, high quality appearance with its smooth, scratch resistant surface. Creates a premium custom fitted look while eliminating the need to manually apply a split plastic cover or to paint. Save time and money with Vanguard’s new Prewrapped Closet Rod.

- 96” length provides excellent yield rate and reduces waste._
- Finger jointed hemlock rod provides a strong and straight appearance.
- Professional appearance eliminating unsightly lines as seen in other rods.
- Available in two colors: White and Almond.
- Packaged 18 pieces per box for safe and convenient shipping.

Closet Rod. #641c
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