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Ideal in your home, garage, business and cottage where clothes and linen closets, pantries and utility shelving are required. Follow our easy 3 step process links to customize your shelving needs:


Create-a-Shelf® Systems and Supports provide a professional system that is easy to install
with no painting, gluing, nailing or sanding.

Location of the stud is not required when the wall anchors and spread pins are pushed into the end Systems through the predrilled holes and directly into the drywall. Optional cover caps simply snap into place to conceal “out of square walls” or “rough cuts” on the shelving. The centre Supports screw into studs and provide additional strength for shelves over three to four feet. These centre supports also act as end supports in opened ended applications or where no sidewall exists. The required anchors and pins and or wood screws for each product are included in each package.


Create-a-Shelf® Systems and Supports are extremely strong, stylish and affordable.

End Systems comfortably support up to 300 lbs, while each Centre Supports will support 150 Lbs. Create-a-Shelf® products are stronger, provide a custom finished look and more economical than wire shelving.


Create-a-Shelf® metal rods are sleek, white powder coated rods that are adjustable to a variety of widths.
Solid and smooth, they allow hangers to move easily and quietly.

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